2020 Iowa Lyceum

June 8th - June 12th

Procedure Manual


Lyceum Theme: Identity (broadly construed); covering topic that would be relevant to the lives and experiences of high school students, as well as traditional philosophical questions of Personal Identity and Identity Over Time.


Notes: 2020 Iowa Lyceum Notes (Updated each day)

PowerPoint: Personal Identity: an Introduction

Edward Craig - Philosophy: A very short introduction
Florian Coulmas - Identity: A very short introduction
Susan Blackmore - Consciousness: A very short introduction

Day 1

Monday, June 8th

9:00am (30 min.)

Introduction to Camp

9:30am (30 min.)

Session 1: Introduction to Philosophy (Brief)

with Cassie Finley

10:00am (1 hour.)

Session 2 - Group Discussion; Questions about Identity

with Cassie Finley

11:00am (50 min.)

Session 3 - Logic and Identity: an Introduction

with Joe Glover

11:50am (10 min.)


12:00pm (1 hour)

Session 4 - “Do dogs, sheep, and other creatures have a sense of self?”

with Carrie Figdor, Ph.D.

Camp Participants and Organizers
Ali Hasan - “Ibn Sina and Descartes on Self-Knowledge”

Day 2

Tuesday, June 9th

9:00am (1 hour 20 min.)

Session 1: Introduction to Personal Identity

with Danielle Colburn

10:20am (10 min.)


10:30am (1 hour.)

Session 2 - “Identity and the Mind-Body Problem”

with Gregory Landini, Ph.D.

11:30am (30 min.)


11:50am (10 min.)

Session 3 - “Ibn Sina and Descartes on Self-Knowledge”

with Ali Hasan, Ph.D.

Day 3

Wednesday, June 10th

9:00am (30 min.)

Philosophical Discussion

9:30am (1 hour)

Session 1: “When Do We Begin and When Do We End?” (part 1)

with Diane Jeske, Ph.D. & Richard Fumerton, Ph.D.

10:30am (15 min.)


10:45am (1 hour)

Session 2: “When Do We Begin and When Do We End?” (part 2)

with Diane Jeske, Ph.D. & Richard Fumerton, Ph.D.

11:45am (30 min.)


12:15pm (45 min.)

Session 3: Friday Presentation Prep.

Diane Jeske & Richard Fumerton 2 - “When Do We Begin and When Do We End?”



Diane Jeske & Richard Fumerton - “When Do We Begin and When Do We End?”


Asha Bhandary - “Oppression: A Challenge to Autonomy?”



David Cunning - “Cavendish on Control over Identity”


Day 4

Thursday, June 11th

9:00am (15 min.)

Brief Morning Discussion

9:15am (1 hour)

Session 1: “Oppression: A Challenge to Autonomy?”

with Asha Bhandary, Ph.D.

10:15am (15 min.)


10:30am (1 hour)

Session 2: “Cavendish on Control over Identity”

with David Cunning, Ph.D.

11:30am (30 min.)


12:00pm (1 hour)

Session 3: Friday Presentation Prep.

Day 5

Friday, June 12th

9:00am (45 min.)

Morning Discussion

Camp Recap!

9:45 am (45 min.)

Session 1: Final Presentation Prep.

10:30am (30 min.)


11:00am (2 hour)

Final Presentations:

Personal Identity

with Shivy


What Defines a Subject?

with Nate & Jayden


Social Identity

with Aviva


Power and Authority

with Heidi


Meaning of Life

with Haoran


Socratic Ethics

with Nathan

Shivy - Personal Identity
Nate - What Defines a Subject


Jayden - What Defines a Subject
Aviva - Social Identity


Haoran - Meaning of Life
Nathan - Socratic Ethics